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Belanja Online bisa grosir dan eceran Apa Benar Lebih Murah dan Aman – Shopping online can save money especially if you have a discount coupon to shop online, offers daily discounts, and shopping at online stores that offer free shipping.

Online sellers do not always offer the same deals at the store real / physical. The reason is that the real cost of doing business is far greater than an online store. Factors such as the cost of rent, utilities, employee salaries, supplies, depreciation of assets, all contribute to gross margin and overhead of doing business in a shopping center.

Online sellers have found a position, holding that the fact that they can meet the needs of customers with lower costs through an online store, not physical store. Good online retailers cut prices to their customers by reducing production costs.

Advantages Of Online Shopping

Shopping online is a great way to find old products. Storing products in a central warehouse allows retailers to sell old products by letting them saved, not sold, without damaging profit margins. This practice provides substantial savings for customers who do not want to buy the latest products.

Online merchants to communicate with buyers efficiently by providing automated responses for each question and follow-up that is guided by a professional and well-trained employees, more of the services we often find in physical stores.

Some items price comparison website available on the internet allows consumers to shop smarter, by utilizing the services can compare prices between several retailers as well as for certain products. Consumers not only get competitive pricing information, but also product reviews and review sites to help them make a decision which one to buy goods

Many online sales tax or abolish the free shipping to attract consumers to make purchases online. Additionally, reputable sites offer toll-free numbers for consumers who prefer to send their personal information and credit card numbers online.

Promotion Online Calendar Keep Same with Tradition

Online stores still use the same calendar as well as the promotion of physical stores, they offer a seasonal discount sale. For example, a discount before Lebaran, Christmas, new year or when the kids memasukin school days.

More people at the time are now finding that they can actually save money by shopping on the Internet. Online retailer intelligent and respond well to use the website is user-friendly, to keep track of the current era, the online store has proven to be one of the best shopping choice.

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Sepeda motor injeksi irit harga terbaik cuma Honda (AHM)

REVO 24%20T Sepeda motor injeksi irit harga terbaik cuma Honda (AHM)

Sepeda motor injeksi irit harga terbaik cuma honda

Astra Sepeda motor injeksi irit harga terbaik cuma Honda (AHM) to present new options for motorcycle lovers with a new look Honda Revo series is a sharper and sportier to expand this model to the market segment of young people into adulthood. Refreshing the display is realized through the design stripe and two-tone color combination of the new while maintaining its superior features that are functional and economical.

Based on data from the Indonesian Motorcycle Industry Association (AISI), duck segment has sold 3,245,597 units, still a significant contribution is 40.35% of total motorcycle sales in 2011. This achievement reflects the amount of consumer interest is still on motorcycle. This type has long proven successful consumer accompany Indonesia today.

Sepeda motor injeksi irit harga terbaik cuma Honda (AHM)

A wide range of Sepeda motor injeksi irit harga terbaik cuma Honda (AHM) products in the segment before duck has been launched to give consumers a broad choice of duck lovers in Indonesia, Sepeda motor injeksi irit harga terbaik cuma Honda Revo series of Honda Blade, Honda Supra X 125 up to series. Honda has long been known as Duck King Motor, dominate throughout 2011 motorcycle segment with sales of 1,668,695 units or 51.41% market share. Honda Revo series is listed as the best selling model among other Honda motorcycle with sales of 764,662 units, accounting for 45.82% of total sales of Honda motorcycle in 2011.

Executive Vice President Director AHMJohannes Loman said the first time since its launch, Honda Revo series is the best choice of consumers Indonesia that can provide driving pleasure, pride in having, and gives the impression of sporty models through design, technology, and superior features.

Sepeda motor injeksi irit harga terbaik cuma Honda (AHM)

“Through a refreshing look sharper and sportier, we are optimistic that Honda Revo series of functional, strong in all road conditions, economical, yet still comfortable ride will be increasingly in demand of consumers through a feature-rich utility and functional elements at an affordable price”.
Sepeda motor injeksi irit harga terbaik cuma Honda (AHM)  Revo
series is still carrying the superior technology of the machine EFT (Efficient & Low Friction Technology) with a capacity of 110cc 4-stroke high performance yet efficient and environmentally friendly.

This model is equipped with a functional 3D shield leg, but kept the spacious leg room. In addition, Honda Revo series also has elements of utility and function best with a versatile luggage under the seat capacity of 7 liters. While the shutter key secure features applied in this model adds practicality and make it safer.

Sepeda motor injeksi irit harga terbarik cuma Honda Revo new series will be marketed at a price Rp.11.500.000, – (on the road in Jakarta) for Revo variant Honda Fit, Rp.12.100.000, – (on the road in Jakarta) to variants of Honda Revo SW, and at a price more affordable Rp.12.875.000, – (on the road in Jakarta) for Honda Revo CW variant. Honda Revo series now has a green color as the new colors in all variants. Revo Honda Fit comes in 3 color variants of Red Smart, Stylish Blue, Elegant Green. While Honda Revo SW and CW comes in four variants of the latest two-tone colors, namely Active Green, Rapid Black, Blue and Active Energetic Red. AHM targeting to sell 50,000 units / month for all variants of Sepeda motor injeksi irit harga terbaik cuma Honda (AHM) Revo series

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