4cara ngemil yang tidak bikin gemuk Snacks Low Calorie Energy Enhancer

Snacks Low Calorie Energy Enhancer

Haunting cravings in between meals? You do not need to laboriously hold while whipping hunger before lunch, or late in the afternoon because they want to maintain a healthy weight.

Snack food is actually not something that is prohibited for dieters, as long as it watched calories and benefits for the body.

Healthy snacks, should be able to increase the intake of energy, but also have low calories. Two things are important to keep the body active spirit from day to night, without being fat.

Quoted from Becomegorgeous, here’s some healthy snacks are low calorie energy supplement:

1. pop Corn
Pop corn is a healthy snack choices that are rich in fiber. Snacks made ​​from corn is appropriate to fulfill your desire to snack, but remember to not over eat.

Homemade popcorn is usually safe to eat than popcorn sold in stores. But remember, avoid adding flavors such as sugar, caramel or salt is too much. Just give a little butter.

2. Frozen Yogurt & Fruit
Other healthy snack choices are yogurt with frozen fruit mixture. Choose yogurt without artificial flavors and sweeteners. If you want a sweeter taste, just add a teaspoon of honey.

In addition to its creamy taste delicious, yogurt fruit also makes the body produce energy without fat. Fiber content of the fruit can make the stomach full longer.

3. Omelet
Egg omelette with a few pieces of boiled potatoes contain carbohydrates and protein and energy-rich filling, yet low in calories. Make an omelette containing pieces of frozen vegetables, and fried with a little oil.

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